Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get Together (and let's hear it for goals!)

There be pics ahead!

I got to go to the fair with my family on Saturday. A great day for the fair, if you ask me; it was cool, cloudy, periodic sprinkles of rain, and fewer people than if it were sunny. Of course, our first stop was the Creative Activities building where I pulled out my camera and found....the batteries were dead. Please forgive the following cell phone pictures.

This was the first modern quilt I came across. I really enjoyed the quilter's version of Cluck Cluck Sew's Chain Reaction. I've seen a few purple and green quilts, lately, and they're calling my name.

Chain Reaction

Isn't this quilt of possibly paper pieced people (alliteration!) interesting? I've nicknamed it "It Takes All Kinds."

It Takes All Kinds 1

It Takes All Kinds 2

I also saw a gorgeous rainbow Bali Wedding Star and a star quilt I call "Deep Purple."

Bali Wedding Star

Deep Purple

Then, there were all the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild entries, including mine.

Kristin's hand dyed citrus slices look good enough to eat
Drew's & Kristin's
Drew (our president's son) entered his Tokyo Subway quilt and Kristin had more beautiful hand dyed fabrics
Nikol's Nightshade
Nikol, our president, entered this Tula Pink lovely
Makai at the fair
my daughter and me in front of Makai
String Theory (a.k.a. XOXOX) at the fair
String Theory (or XOXOX) on display
And I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about this fabulous piece. I couldn't get close to this massive quilt (approximately 15 feet long), but I think each pixel is finished at 1/2 - 3/4" square. Yowzah!

Mosaic 2

Last week, I set some goals for myself. How did I do???

Well, I finished the last ogee...

Olympic Ogee #9

...put the last touches on my cathedral windows pillow...

Cathedral Windows Pillow complete

...and bound the fabulous improv-pieced quilt by my friend, the Divine Miss M (Bette Midler will just have to be okay with sharing her nickname).

Maren's 2nd quilt

Maren's 2nd quilt back
Thanks for holding the quilts while I snap pics, sweet stuff!
This week's goals are to spend 15 minutes a day quilting Mondrian Dream...

Mondrian Dream WIP front

...decide on layout and order background fabric for the Olympic Ogees...

Olympic Ogees #1 and 2

...and to finish all my outstanding VQB blocks. Luckily, I have already picked out my blocks for the November Sewn Together group, so I won't have to worry about that when October rolls around. I just have to order the fabric for it, because I know I don't have quite enough. I'll group it with the background fabric for Olympic Ogees and get more off of my order from the "Labra" Day Sale. (No, they do not sponsor me, I just order a lot of solids from them.)

In case you're curious, M's first quilt ever was this one. Serious talent in that woman, I tell ya!

Maren's 1st quilt front

Do you have any goals set for your WIP/UFO list?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UFOs and WIPs

Isn't it strange? I just took stock of all my UFOs last week and Monday, I saw three posts about other quilty blog UFOs. (Here, here, and here.) I'm part of a great group on flickr, Project UFO, but haven't been active for a while, and it shows.

What precipitated the inventory of projects was actually finding a list I made last year before Christmas. I was trying to power through things for gifts and Pay-It-Forward projects.

Please, forgive the poor iPod photo.

Not too shabby, huh?

Well, things look a little different, now.

Again, apologies for the bad pic.

I have 25 different projects in various states of undone-ness, two months of VQB Queenship to plan for, and about 7 VQB blocks to finish for other Queens. It stresses me out, a bit.


I'm going to pick three things to finish right away. Since I have the fabulous Lisa Sipes lined up to quilt it, I'll try to knock out the last Olympic Ogee and pick background fabric.

Olympic Ogees on design wall
4 of the 8 I have finished on the design wall

Then, I have a pillow top I made a long time ago. It should be a very quick matter to complete the back and stuff it with a form

My first cathedral windows
The first of many pillows I hope to make for my living room.

And lastly, my dear friend M made a quilt top for her baby nephew. She asked me to quilt it and send it on its way. I finished the quilting a month ago, but still need to bind it.

Maren's quilt top
This was only her second quilt. Isn't it magnificent?!

How about you? Do you have a list of outstanding projects, or are you afraid to even take stock?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To the fairgrounds!

I was so disappointed this weekend. I was reviewing the entry packet for the upcoming Minnesota State Fair and thought I had missed the deadline to enter. Thanks to one of my guild members (Thanks, Lisa!), I found out that I can register in person before noon today. So last night, I grabbed two of the quilts I wanted to enter and tossed them in the wash, just to be sure they were free of cat hair. This morning, I found a scrap of the right solid to cover the signature I quilted into one of them and hand stitched that puppy on (it's in the rules). Already told my boss I will be stepping out for my lunch early.

Now, I don't expect I'll be winning any awards, but I hope I see at least one of them on display. Our guild (Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild) has been asked to enter a bunch of our quilts in the fair, to show that we're here, we're modern, and encouraging people to get used to it.

Here's what I'm entering!

Makai complete
Makai name detail
Makai detail
Makai back complete
Makai back
String Theory WIP Xmas
String Theory or Xs and Os
Of course, the last one is quilted, but the finished quilt pic was taken in bad light with a bad background and is otherwise generally bad.

If you're local, I hope to see you at the Great Minnesota Get Together!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me...

I'm featured over on the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild blog today. Hop on over, if you'd like to learn more about little ol' me.

If not, here's a picture of my latest Olympic Ogee!

Olympic Ogee #5

I'm very excited to report that I have already secured the services of one Lisa Sipes for the quilting. She does special work and I wanted this to be super special, since I'm hand piecing it. I'll need to be patient regarding delivery, but as I told her, genius is worth the wait.