Sunday, December 8, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I'm pouty. There are a couple of beautiful quilts for wonderful people that I'm trying to finish before Christmas arrives and two AWESOME commission pieces I need to work on, but all I want to do is tear into some new fabric.

Like this.

Modern Bliss FQ bundle
Modern Bliss and coordinating Bella solids

Or this.

Lush F8th
Lush reprint

Or this

Valentina jelly roll

Or this, for which I even have a plan, I think.

Florence FQ bundle
Florence and Michael Miller yarn dyed Essex Linen

Or this awesome pattern that I just bought on sale (even though I don't normally go for patterns).

Geese in the Forest Quilt Pattern PDF - Click Image to Close
Geese in the Forest by Twiddletails
Instead, I'm working on this (when the cat isn't sitting on it).

Someone thinks I ought not to be working on my quilt... #catsofinstagram
Positively Batik

And this (which was fun until I pieced all the strips and now I'm perpetually stuck in the fussy bits of cutting the strip sets, positioning them, sewing them together again, and pressing - OMG the pressing).

Beautiful Dawn WIP
Beautiful Dawn
And trimming these. (Have I mentioned how much I hate trimming HSTs?)

King of the Cuttlefish WIP
King of the Cuttlefish HSTs

I also REALLY need to be going through things for the move to Australia.

Still, all I want to do is play. Not sort. Not list things for sale. Not finish pretty quilts I should, and at one time did, love.

I know, I know. You're wondering what's wrong with me. Those projects are wonderful and I just HAD to work on them when I started them. Finishing them should be exciting, too, and not tedious. I'm even dreaming of putting together a bunch of granny squares from a swap we did at my guild (and I'm not even in love with all of them)!


...Or maybe you're NOTwondering why I'm defective. Please tell me I'm not alone.


  1. Haha. You're not alone. I have a baby quilting to finish, but I just started cutting a new quilt. I want to work on two others I started, and I have a bunch of Christmas presents that I should really work on first. But . . . that new stack of fabric I bought yesterday is calling to me. Hehe. Such is the life of a quilter!

  2. I get that way too! I have multiple quilts that I have left borders off because I'm just done with the project by then. If I don't make a backing right away, it can sit for months or years before I get to it - even if I love the quilt top. Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble at the end.

  3. your amoung great company and not even at the top of the List.. feel good about that ..