Monday, December 2, 2013

Luring Another to the Dark Side (EPP)

For Thanksgiving this year, we went to North Carolina to visit my guy's family, or, as I like to call them, the out-laws.

I must be the worst blogger in the world, though, because I took very few pictures. There was welcoming family, delicious food, season 4 of Downton Abbey (I am NOT going to spoil it for anyone, so don't even ask), and kittehs.

Indy was the most friendly and always looking for love. Since most of the furniture is black, he was also camo-cat!


Lilly was slightly timid, but did come around for pets occasionally. She looked like a cute, plump teddy bear. Here she is trying to join us for pie.


Mawly hid under the bed nearly the entire time we were there, but I managed to snap this poorly-lit pic of her peeking around the door jam.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of Ushi, the sweet, shy black and white kitty, but I did get to love her a little.

Since I was away from home (and $carlett), I took my EPP travel pack.

Car Kit

After watching me for a few hours, the sister-out-law asked me what I was doing. Nibble, little fish, nibble away! I showed her a little and later told her I would be happy to take a trip to JoAnn to help her pick out what she needed. BAM! Got that fish on the line!

We jetted over to JoAnn Fabric for a cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler, needles, thread, and a few fat quarters while she tested the waters.

L's setup Yes, let the EPP flow through you!

In no time at all, she had some hexagons basted and had already looked into different EPP shapes and layouts.

After our return home, she sent me a pic of what she'd been working on.

L's first EPP

The little fish had gone to buy more fabric AND experimented with another shape! I'm so excited for her. I showed my partner his sister's handiwork and he replied, "You've created another quilter."

Of course, our kitty was quite happy for us to be home.

happy lap cat

And then, we broke out the big Christmas tree. We've had a small table-top tree for the last two years, but I thought we should put up the big one this year, since it will be our last in the states - for a while, at least.

Christmas Tree 2013

I haven't spoken about it much, yet, but now that all the stars have aligned, tees have been crossed and eyes crossed dotted, I can tell you;

We're moving to Oz!

That's Australia, for the uninitiated. A wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has presented itself, and we'll be calling Brisbane home for the next four years. My guy needs to arrive in January, but the daughter and I won't follow until June. I'm very much looking forward to all my adventures, which I will try to share here.

Now, back to gift sewing! I've got plenty to do before the fat man arrives.


  1. Whoo hoo! Another one joins the dark side. Tell your SOL that I love the hexagons. I've never seen them done like that.

  2. Not to be picker of nits, but it's Lily and Mauley, because she likes to maul things :D Laura is enjoying her quilting

  3. I am SO EXCITED for you. Ask me all the questions. I will find you the crafty people and I will even come viait , even though toubare half the country away. It will be a grand adventure !!!!!!,

  4. Sorry, phone typing is not my thing - I am old.

  5. Congrats on Oz! And I wish you could convert me to the EPP dark side