Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013

If you're a follower of my blog, you have already heard this story. If not, welcome! Let me tell you the tale of my Fall 2013 Blogger's Quilt Festival entry.

Long, long ago, in a church basement not so far away, I offered a custom quilt to the highest bidder in a silent auction to benefit a choir in which I (then) sang. Sarah, a dear lady who has been most supportive of my avocation, was the lucky bidder to win the lot. She came to my house to discuss what design she would like and we settled on one inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian.

File:Mondrian Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow.jpg
copyright Estate of Piet Mondrian, used only for illustration purposes
And there it sat. And sat. And sat. For nearly a year, I didn't make headway on it, at all. You would not believe how intimidating it is to even attempt to imitate his work. One would think it is easy, being black, white, and primary colors all in straight lines. I was afraid of not doing his iconic work any justice, whatsoever. Finally, I kicked myself in the rear and checked out a reference book on Mondrian. I studied that for months before putting pencil to graph paper.

Once I had a design, it was constructed in very short order. I had originally planned to do a small piece, but since Sarah had been waiting so long and so patiently, I made it into a large full/small queen quilt top.

It languished, again, as I tried to come up with a quilting design. Six months later, I knew what I would do, but I also knew it would take me a long time. I sent a note to Sarah so she would know I was doing something very special with it, as though I were keeping the quilt myself, and that it would take a lot more time. Bless her, she didn't even bat an eyelash.

Each white block is quilted with straight lines approximately 1/2" apart.

And one more! Only two gigantic squares of red to go, then a thread change.

All the colored pieces, no matter how large, are quilted with pebbles.

One more down, four to go! Also this was my first time quilting on my home machine with Aurifil and all I can say is, "Oh, myyyyyyyyyy!"

Mondrian Dream took me a year to quilt, working off and on, but it was worth every single minute.


I even entered it into the Minnesota State Fair and was very pleased to see it displayed near Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass.

I love how the quilting looks from the back, too!

Mondrian Dream back WIP
As always, a big thank you to Amy for hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival! Be sure to pop over and nominate your favorite quilts in all categories.