Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh, hai!

You know it's bad when your partner, who loves you dearly and enjoys seeing the fruits of your labor, but who also only pay cursory attention to your blog says, "You really haven't blogged since October 29?!" Um. Yeah. I'm overdue.

I've been working like a crazy person, both at the J.O.B. and in the studio.

First, I have a great new commission piece. I pulled some solids after viewing her home and space, and when she came for the follow-up, we pulled some prints together.

Fabric Pull cool Fabric Pull warm
It's the first commission for which I actually wrote up a solid estimate that totaled $830. That's right, $830. Proudly. Unabashedly. Unapologetically. I'm so thankful for Sam Hunter of Hunter's Design Studio. Not only is she an awesome lady and a good friend, but she also gave me (and anyone else who wants them) the tools I needed to write up the estimate properly with her $ew Worth It movement. If you're a crafter who sells your wares, or just someone who enjoys the work that crafters create, you really need to read her series of blog posts on charging better than poverty wages for our expertise. Go ahead. (Read here to find out about the worth of crafting, here for the bigger picture, and here she gives you the tools you need to put it into practice.) I'll wait here while you do.

Are you back? Isn't she awesome?!

I've been working on another commission piece, this one for my sister-outlaw. She sent me an inspiration pic that I absolutely love.

King of the Cuttlefish

Isn't that cuttlefish cute? And those colors instantly sparked a design in my brain. You'll have to wait until I get it together more to see some of the more interesting points of the design, but I've been working on piecing the background.

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics to follow.

I started with a lot of purple squares, sorted by value.

King of the Cuttlefish purple squares

Using Amanda Jean's trick for randomization, I sewed them together in strips of 5 in 5 different value sets: light, light & medium, medium, medium & dark, and dark.

King of the Cuttlefish strip sets

Since it will be a king-sized quilt, I had to lay it out in sections; my design wall just isn't big enough to lay it all out at once. I started with one quarter of the strips on the design wall (in value sets) and took a pic on my phone. This is a great trick I've discussed before to help in your design process. It helps me see what stands out and doesn't belong where it is.

King of the Cuttlefish design wall 1

After a few small switches...

King of the Cuttlefish design wall 2 King of the Cuttlefish design wall 3 King of the Cuttlefish design wall 4
...the quarter was good to go and I pieced blocks together (usually 5x5, but one set is 5x6), leaving the bottom-most value set for the same process with the darker value sets that didn't have room on my design wall.

King of the Cuttlefish design wall 5

There may have been a little wine involved...

New Age wine

Of course, as soon as I was done with one half of the blocks, I had to lay them out on my bed, which is still too short to do them justice, but gave me a tickle.

King of the Cuttlefish half-way mark!

Then, I went through the whole process, again, with the other half.

King of the Cuttlefish design wall 6 King of the Cuttlefish design wall 7
I'd worked for quite a while on another project (to be discussed later) before turning to this one, so after getting all the purples together, I decided to clean my machine. I may have been a bit tardy...

PSA: clean your machine
PSA: Clean your machine. She'll thank you for it - by not making horrid noises or dying an untimely death.