Monday, January 16, 2017

First Flimsy Finish of the Retreat a.k.a. Even Professionals Make Mistakes

I have been enjoying my time during my mountain retreat; I've gone for walks most days or just turned up the music and had my own personal dance party; I've hauled and chopped wood; I have read three books, so far; I spent time with dear friends; And now, I've finally finished one top.

My best friend's cabin: Plaidstag.
It all started well enough. I pulled out my jelly roll and chose the strips I would be using for the Metro Hoops pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful.*

Then I pulled out the two background fabrics I packed and began cutting. Oh, dear. I was short. Well, it's a good thing there was a large piece of warm white solid in my box of projects! This is the sort of "just in case" fix I had in mind when I packed it.

Three backgrounds instead of two. No problem!

I began piecing strips per the pattern, but saw I might trim a significant portion off the outer strips in the finished block, thereby possibly giving it an imbalanced look. I decided I would make a modification and trim a little off of the strips so they would be more even. (Spoiler alert - don't do that.)

Learn from my mistakes: just follow the pattern! 'M Kay?
I was so proud of myself until I figured out I had mistakenly (key word) trimmed off twice as much as I had meant to. I thought the project was ruined. A tiny little glimmer of hope arrived when I thought to myself, "Maybe if I trim the background pieces before joining them to the strips, I'll be okay." One test block later proved it would be all right.

I'm sure my sigh of relief could be heard far and wide.

Unfortunately, it meant A LOT of pinning, the bane of my existence and not normally needed when sewing these lovely patterns. But I persevered; I am nothing if not stubborn and I really wanted to make this quilt.

Pinning the snot out of curves is not my preferred method, but it works!

Piecing and trimming finished up a beautiful stack of blocks.

A quick layout on the bed to arrange the blocks and to the machine!

The flimsy is now awaiting backing and batting, which will need to wait until I move into my new place, wherever that may be. I'm quite pleased with it.

Detail of my beautiful finished top!

Are you terrified of curves but want to give it a go? The Quick Curve Ruler really makes it very simple and Sew Kind of Wonderful's line of patterns and books have lots of different looks to try. Check your local quilt shop to see if they carry it. If not, I'll bet they would be happy to order it in for you.

*I am in no any way associated with Sew Kind of Wonderful, I just really enjoy their ruler and quilts.


  1. Gorgeous! and the warm winter white is a perfect addition ~ ~ I think it was meant to be included :)

  2. Great quilt! Sometimes happy accidents give a project a bit of spark.

  3. I have the rulers and pattern! Love the mixed backgrounds! I'll have to give mine a go soon!